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At CodingScientist, we specialize in IoT innovation. Our services cover the entire IoT development cycle, from consulting to device engineering, cloud and mobile app development, data analytics, and support. We create frameworks for sensors, gateways, edge computing, and cloud connectivity, streamlining IoT product development. Our industry solutions are customer-driven, fostering innovation, productivity, and cost-efficiency. Join us in shaping the future of IoT.

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What we do

ESP32 Integration

We specialize in integrating ESP32, a versatile microcontroller, into IoT solutions. Harness its power for connectivity and data processing

IoT Prototyping with ESP32

Rapidly prototype IoT projects with ESP32. It's an ideal choice for real-time data processing and wireless connectivity.

IoT Consulting

Expert guidance to shape your IoT vision, strategy, and implementation. We light the path to success

ESP32 Security Measures

We prioritize security with ESP32. Implement encryption and secure communication protocols to protect your IoT ecosystem

Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based IoT solutions that scale with your business needs. Secure, efficient, and highly adaptable.

Data Analytics

Uncover valuable insights from IoT data. Our analytics empower data-driven decisions for your business.

Support & Maintenance

Ensuring the smooth operation of your IoT ecosystem. Our support keeps your systems running flawlessly.

Industry Solutions

Tailored IoT solutions built on deep customer insights. Elevate innovation, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

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Industrial IOT

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