Scalable Autonomous Intelligent Navigation Tutor

CodingScientist is the World’s 1st single window platform to deliver hands-on learning to anyone between 8 to 80 to Learn, Build, Compile and Run your Artificial Intelligence applications on your own Autonomous Robot

What we do

Our Mission : To Help Develop Practical Hands-on Skills In Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Between 8 To 80

CodingScientist introduces Junior Scientist Kit – Scalable Autonomous Intelligent Navigation Tutor that brings you one of a kind world-class Autonomous Robot platform dedicated to Educational and Research purposes. Junior Scientist Kit is a “State of The Art” Robot Kit specially design for mid-school kids to the college-going lad to learn and build Autonomous Robots with Artificial Intelligence capabilities from the ground “Zero to a Hero” at your own pace. Junior Scientist Kit is a perfect TutorBot for Students, Researchers, Hobbyists, Teachers, Product Developers, and Robotics Training Institutions

Artificial Intelligent Autonomous Robot Crafted For Education With Simplified DIY Learning for Non-Tech Individuals Between All Age Groups With 250 Plus FREE Video Lessons and a growing number of lessons for scalability on Junior Scientist Kit projects followed by a one-on-one online video tutorial for the final stages of building Junior Scientist Kit Autonomous Robot.

The message

Our founder

Anbu comes with 22 years of professional experience in the software industry. Anbu was associated with large MNC software companies like IBM, HP, and NetApp with significant experience in the global software market space. By education, Anbu is from an engineering in electronics background and holds ITIL Practitioner, PMP, and Agile SCRUM Master to his shoulders.

Anbu carries hands-on experience in building and programming several types of Artificial Intelligence applications and implemented on Robots.  Anbu is the founder and chief technologist behind building Junior Scientist Kit Robot on the CodingScientist platform. Anbu is also a founder of RoboThoughts

Anbu Kumar

Why Text-Based Coding

In a world where coding is inevitably becoming an essential part of life, one must get started with it somewhere. text coding is the best way to get introduced to computer programming, for any one from 8 To 80 who are looking to learn computer languages. Text based coding can provide you with the stepping stone towards a more skillful life as a maker and doer with in-depth understanding of how your coding communicates with computers.

Since text-based coding requires typing, there is a high chance that one might make mistakes while writing the code which helps any one from 8 To 80 to develop structured way of typing, writing with logical sequencing, this in turn helps master on the coding syntaxes and logic building. Computer languages are very stringent when it comes to coding. Every character, alphabet, or symbol can drastically change the way the program works, and therefore, it is critical to type all the characters in perfect order.

Text-based coding languages, on the other hand, rely on texts, symbols, and syntaxes to be written as lines of code which develops hands-on skills to write code from basics to advanced algorithms. Any one from 8 To 80 can start building typing skills using computer keyboard to write several lines of code which helps both brain and finger tips to work in tandem.

While most computer languages are text-based, there are a large number of graphical languages as well. Graphical-based languages are the ones that allow coding through graphical manipulation of program elements. It allows programming through visual context, arranging text and graphics in a specific order in the given space. For instance, one of the most famous graphical languages, Scratch, uses boxes of commands that can be placed in a particular order to conduct a program.

Using the combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Robotics is going to be very useful because they are adding a lot of value to humanity as a whole and also providing a thoughtful path for individuals to move forward.